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Our Homes

These are the homes created with love by us.

Avalon Exterior Render

The Avalon

The Avalon attracts a particular type of person who values

timeless beauty. This home was crafted with the understanding

of the importance of finding balance and harmony in a busy lifestyle. We took the time to create spaces for those who consider their homes a sanctuary—a place to retreat, recharge, and find inspiration. The elegant floor plan leaves plenty of space for family gatherings and slow weekends at home. The two stories allow space for families to sprawl out in their own areas or come together at the large kitchen island. 

The Everett

With this home, we have carefully curated a refuge where refined living meets contemporary elegance. The Everett attracts those with a keen eye for design. The large entrance window rises to the second level, showcasing the open-rise staircase.


The second-floor primary suite boasts exposed beams, large windows, and a dignified ensuite. In our design, we have considered the needs of dynamic and accomplished individuals who thrive in fast-paced environments. The sleek lines and modern architecture create a feeling of luxury while ensuring functionality and privacy are top of mind. 

Everett. Exterior Render
Chinook Exterior Render
The Bronwyn Exterior Render

The Bronwyn

We strategically considered style, architectural details, and a deep connection to nature with this home plan. Bronwyn catches the attention of those who embrace the beauty of rustic elegance and

the warmth it brings to their living spaces. They find value in the spaciousness and the freedom it provides.


The vaulted ceilings with decorative wood beams not only enhance the visual grandeur of their living spaces but also create an ambiance of openness and airiness. This allows their homes to become a sanctuary where they can breathe, think, and find inspiration.

The Chinook

When planning this home, we gravitated toward those individuals who adore sleek and minimalist aesthetics. The Chinook caters to those who value space and flexibility.


This home speaks to those who live dynamic lifestyles, whether it's a growing family, a desire to host guests or a need for a dedicated home office or studio. The ample room ensures that every aspect of their lives is accommodated, allowing them to express their individuality and nurture their passions.

A-Frame Exterior Render

The A Frame

The A-Frame is famous for its function as a practical piece of architecture with numerous possibilities beneath its steep roof.

It calls for a lifestyle that embraces a romantic daydream of escape, all with an undeniably simple and affordable design. We challenged ourselves with the interior design to use

every inch of the space as efficiently as possible. 

Coming Soon
A Frame Anchor

Coming Soon

These new custom homes will be available soon.

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