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Walk through the building process with us ...

Explore our portfolio, meet the team, and let's start a conversation over coffee. Together, let's build not just homes, but relationships that last a lifetime. 

Trestle River Homes Office Interior

It starts with a phone call and a compatibility meeting. We sit and enjoy some coffee

or tea together, and chat frankly about our goals with your build. We discuss finances

in detail; after all, we're spending money together to ensure your dreams are met. These conversations are what builds the foundation of our trust with one another,

and help us maintain a fantastic working relationship with the same end goal:

you stepping into your dream home. 

Whether you're envisioning a cozy cottage,

a modern masterpiece, or a family retreat,

Trestle River Homes is your partner in turning dreams into reality. Our next step is working

with you on basic plans for your build. 

This is how we ensure we understand your

vision completely. Once we've narrowed

down your wants and needs, we'll take

a deposit and start finalizing your home design.

Trestle River Homes Coffee Spot
Trestle River Homes Office Meeting Space and Design Office

We understand that effective communication extends beyond face-to-face meetings. Trestle River Homes leverages state-of-the-art software and tools that enable us to maintain a continuous line of communication with our clients.


With both mobile and desktop access available, you can easily view and save finishings, track expenses, and receive real-time updates on the progress of your project. This ensures that you're always in the loop,

no matter where you are. 

Your first walk through can be expected once framing is complete. Here, we will have print outs of the finalized design on the wall of each room so you can fully imagine yourself in your new home and experience it for the first time. This helps us to ensure plumbing, electrical, and millwork are completed correctly, and then we are ready for drywall.

At completion, you are welcomed into your new home with
a final walk through so we can ensure you are totally satisfied. We are new Home Warranty Approved, which means we

 require a one year visit to complete any touch ups or minor fixes, if needed. With our open communication, you'll be able to let us know any concerns you may have, and we

will work quickly to resolve any issues.

Interior office shot of Trestle River Homes
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